Waiver tweaks for kiosks

When loading the waiver website onto an iPad or other type of kiosk machine you'll probably want the form to reset after a period of activity and modify the workflow to make it more efficient or tailored to your situation.  To do this, you can add different parameters to the URL.  Here are examples:

Timer - this will set a timer that will cause the form to automatically reset after a period of time.
State - this is the two-letter abbreviation for the state field you would like to be prepopulated.
ShowChildButtons - this determines if you want the "ADD CHILD" button to appear on the form - by default this is TRUE
PromptForChild - this determines if you want the system to prompt to add a child after they submit the form, by default this is FALSE.

 Here's an example:


In the example, after 30 seconds of inactivity the waiver form will clear itself and start over.  The state will be prepopulated with Minnesota, will not show the "ADD CHILD" button but WILL prompt to add a child after they enter the adult data.  This is a pretty good example of how many customers setup their kiosks.