Setting your iPad up to be a kiosk

Many of our users set up in-store kiosks to allow customers to fill out waivers before getting in line to buy tickets.  To do this follow these instructions:

1)  Install Kiosk Pro Lite or another version onto your iPad:

You'll need to search for this inside the iPad app store. 

2)  Configure Kiosk Pro app:
a) Set the homepage to your waiver page URL.  Make sure to use the reset and state parameters as mentioned here
b) Set a passcode
c)  Uncheck the option to show the navigation bar
d)  Set the brightness as desired.

3)  Setup your iPad to run in kiosk mode.
a) Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access > Turn Guided Access on and set a passcode.  Document all passcodes set during this process.  Exit settings.

4)  Start Kiosk Pro and then triple-click on the home button (the physical circle button with a square in the middle on the ipad).  This will start guided access.  Click the "Run Kiosk Presentation" in Kiosk Pro.  The iPad should not be a full operational waiver kiosk!

To exit guided access, you'll need to again triple click the home button and input your kiosk.