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Manually processing a credit card

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If you're using Cloud Retailer, you're using some of the most secure credit card processing technology available, and all of that security does come with some downsides.  One of those downsides is that ALL credit card data must pass through the payment terminal and can never touch a standard computer - that's how hackers are able to get at the data (by installing viruses, etc on your PC).

So, what should you do when a customer's card won't swipe OR you need to take a phone order?  While a little less convenient that using your keyboard and typing it into the POS, you can still handle these types of transactions.   Here's how:

1)  Ring up the transaction as normal
2)  Go to tender the credit card, the payment terminal will prompt you to "dip" the EMV chip or swipe the card BUT instead of doing this you can simply start entering the card number using keypad.

When you enter this in the terminal will also ask you to input the expiration date, the CVV number, the billing zip code, and possibly the billing address.  The billing address is optional and is typically not validated by most providers.

If you are transacting over the phone we recommend that you write this information down on paper and not try to deal with it on the phone.  Make sure you get the customers phone number and/or email address so if the transaction doesn't complete for some reason you can reach back out and email them a receipt.  Make absolutely sure you shed the card number immediately after use!