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Configuring CAS Star Micronics MG-S1501 Scale

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To setup the CAS\Star Scale model MG-S1501 Use the Following Steps 
NOTE: Do not plug the scale into the computer until directed.
Link to Star Micronics State Scale Requirements:{StateAbbreviation in capitals} example below

Installing the Software:
  1. Download the MG-S Scale OPOS Drivers file from or the bottom of this page
  2. Extract the files from the Zip file
  3. Go into the folder that was created and you will see another Star_MG-S-Series_V6.7.4.261_VCPInstaller_{date}.zip file
  4. Extract the files from the Zip file listed in step 3
  5. View the extracted files
  6. Double click on the MG-SVCPInstaller folder
  7. You MUST Right click on the STAR_MG-SVCPInstaller_x64.exe and select Run As Administrator
  8. Follow the prompts to install
  9. After that finishes installing back to your extracted files and go back 2 folder levels
  10. Double click on the Setup Folder
  11. You Must Right Click on setup.exe and select Run As Administrator
  12. Again follow the prompts.  Select Install for Everyone.
Setting up the Hardware:
  1. Plug the scale into the Power and the PC
  2. Power On the scale
  3. When you see the screen below you can press the menu button
  4. Press the Down Arrow 4 times to get to External I/O(see below)
  5. Press the Right arrow to select
  6. Press Down Arrow Once or until you see USB Displayed
  7. When you See USB Press the Right Arrow
  8. ACTIVATE OFF will display it the return key on the far right and OFF will begin to Blink
  9. Press the Down Arrow to Change the blinking OFF to a blinking ON
  10. Press Return on the far right to set it.
  11. After the ON becomes Solid Press the Up arrow button
  12. When you see Status OFF Press the return key on the Right hand side and OFF will Start blinking
  13. Press the Down Arrow to switch the blinking OFF to a Blinking ON
  14. Press the Return on the Right to Set it as ON and stop the blinking
  15. Press the Menu Key to exit the Menu and save the settings.

Part 3: Configuring The Computer

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Select Devices and Printers
  3. Find the Port (COMX where X is the port number) that your scale is set to.
  4. Close Devices and Printers window
  5. Click the Start Menu
  6. Open StarMicronics > ScaleRegister
  7. Select MG-S1501 USB from the list and click the [ Reg -> ] arrow
  8. Select your Port that you found in Part 3 Step 3 from the drop down list

  9. Press Check Health
    1. If it does NOT pop up a new window with a weight check all previous steps{Part 1 through this step) and/or give us a call for assistance.
    2. If the weight DID pop up press okay
  10. Press OK again
  11. Press Exit
  12. Open your Cloud Retailer Back Office
  13. Go to Admin > Devices and Register List
  14. Select the register the scale is attached to.
  15. Click Edit Register 
  16. Scroll Down to Register equipment 

  17. Enter Device name "MG-S1501 USB"
  18. Select Device Type "Scale"
  19. Save the changes
  20. Open your Register and give it a go

Gregory Frazier-Hansen,
Nov 13, 2019, 2:06 PM