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Configuring a Star Receipt Printer

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Star Printer OPOS Setup

Be sure you uninstall ANY existing printer OPOS software, including older STAR software from Windows.  This is so there are no conflicts in device name or resources.

Have the printer powered off and disconnected from the computer.  You can go ahead and connect the printer to the Cash Drawer. Check Devices and Printers in the Control Panel and verify it is not installed.  If it is, remove it and remove any drivers for the printer in the Printer Server Properties.

Go to the Star Printer website - and download the latest driver for the printer.  (Support - Download Drivers - Set the Product Type to TSP 100 futurePRINT. Get the full version, but be aware it is a large download and can take a while.  Extract the zipped file. Go into the Windows folder and then Installer folder. There is a setup for 32 and for 64 bit. Run the one you need. The install is straight-forward, taking defaults.

At this point, connect the printer, and cash drawer and power it on.  The Printer will show up with a Windows driver. Be sure it is not set as the Default printer.  

Run the Configuration Utility for the printer. Start-Star Micronics-COnfiguration Utility TSP100

Choose the top - default option and click OK.  You will get an OPOS Settings Window.

In the upper- printer - area, choose Add new.

Highlight the device and click on configure.  Then, click on “Add New”. Change the name it gives you to “printer”.

Click on Accept.  Click on Check Health.  You will be prompted to apply the changes.  Note: Clicking on the “Apply Changes” at the bottom of the Window does not prevent this prompt.

Click on the Check Health option to do a Health Check. This will cause a print-out to verify the OPOS driver is working.

Repeat the Process for the OPOS Cash Drawer, the only difference being that you change the name to “drawer” instead of “printer”.  These are the names that you will enter for the OPOS devices in your POS.

Do a Check Health on it.  Be sure the cash drawer closed and that it won’t hit anything when it pops open.