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Changing / setting quantities at the POS

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At the POS there are a number of ways to set the quantity on the products you're selling to your customers.  Here are the options:

1)  You can click the quantity button after the item has been added to the POS - as shown below

Once you click that button, this window will appear:

2)  You can type the quantity you want to sell, a "*" character, then scan the barcode of the product you wish to sell.  Whatever quantity you inputted will be the quantity of the product.  An example would be to input: 2* then scan the item.  It will ring up two of that item.

3)  You can embed a quantity into a barcode.  If you want a barcode to automatically set a quantity you can print a barcode with 2*productcode embedded inside the product code and it will ring up that quantity.

4)  You can create a button using a similar thing as we did in option 3 to have a button to add the product to the transaction with a specific quantity set.

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