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Automatically tender when totals are greater than the amount owed

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With Cloud Retailer you can configure the tender window to force the user to click OK after they've entered a tender amount OR you can make the system automatically tender the transaction once the amount entered by a cashier exceeds the amount owed.  Most users like the speed and simplicity of the "Auto Validate Tenders" functionality though some like the idea of having a cashier confirm before the tender executes.  Either way - you can control how this functions.

To modify this setting go into the back office app > Admin tab > Device / register list.  Select one of your POS stations and then go into its properties.  Then find the "Auto Validate Tenders" check box - either toggle this on or off based on your desire.  Allow the POS about 1 minute to syncronize and then exit the POS application and reopen.

We recommend trying the change out on a single station before making the change to all stations and definitely train your cashiers on the new workflow as it can be a subtle but suprising change!