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Two distinct companies in one Cloud Retailer app

If you have two separate businesses, should you host them from the same Cloud Retailer app?  Here are some things you should know.

1. If they are both in the same industry, you will get tremendous benefits. For example, you have two liquor stores - similar products.

You can transfer products between locations. You only need to add employees and products one time, etc. Still, you'll be able to see sales totals and profitability separately. Even hosting the same stores from the same Cloud Retailer instance, you can have different products for different stores, different suppliers, and different costs and pricing.

2. If they are NOT in the same industry, proceed with caution.  For example, a café and gift shop.

These types of businesses have completely distinct products and business requirements.  The sales totals are separated, so no problem there but the product listing and employees ARE shared. 

Cloud Retailer does have functionality for franchises that allows further isolation between employees and enhanced security.  Even still - if they are hosted inside the same instance, there will be some data shared between locations.  Product catalogs are an example.  

If Cloud Retailers security is has been thoroughly reviewed and configured, you can keep users at one location out of data for another.  That said, know that someone with the right security clearance will be able to see data for multiple store locations.  New user accounts will have whatever limited role you assign but by default will have that role access to all locations.

Here is a rule of thumb: are the stores sharing the same products? Are they sharing the same employees? If the answer to these is no then you should have separate instances. If the answer to both of these is yes, then you should put them together. If the answer to one of these is yes - you will likely have some benefit by keeping them in the same Cloud Retailer instance but it then becomes a matter of preference.

If you separate the companies into two separate instances then they will be completely isolated. As the owner, this means you'll have to log into two separate websites to manage each business and if you need to add a product to your catalog, you will need to do it twice if both locations share the item.