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Release Notes

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Last updated 8/11/2021

 Back Office / POS  Integrated E-Commerce Android Mobile Tools
 2.18 2.00.312

Back Office
  • Improved PDF generation
  • Corrected an issue where current orders report does not update
  • Corrected Transactions By Hour report so it is more efficient
  • Corrected issue where a transaction will not revert if card is left in the terminal
  • Recent Price Changes is being updated to deprecate Change Log Report - Price Changes

Back Office
  • When creating a Purchase Order, if no location is select the system will highland location dropdown


Back Office
  • Allow alternative sort methods on catalog and search results
  • Corrected customer merge by email issue
  • Redesign of gift card balance report to make it easier to use
  • Created a user interface for receipt configuration
  • Added option to subtract quantity on hand from suggested quantity to order in supplier purchase planner
  • Corrected issue with end of day report where it could show the next date
  • Added product size to the line item
  • Changed PartialVoid on receipt to show return when returning items

Back Office
  • Correct tracking information due dates to show in the proper format MM/dd/yyyy
  • Improved performance of multiple reports


Back Office
  • Cleaned up reports menu
  • Updated install package for new registers
  • Simplified inventory movement adjustments where unit of measure is involved
  • Improved the loyalty membership report
  • Corrected error with tag-along products where inactive tag along products become active again when saving the product
  • Improved installation when the register is new
Integrated E-Commerce
  • Added visual feedback when adding large amounts of items to the cart to show the website is working


Back Office
  • Corrected issue with QuickBooks plug-in


Back Office
  • Added "due date" to the route planner report.
  • Improved performance of the Market Basket Report.
  • Improved on-hand widget to correctly display current quantity on hand.
Point of Sale
  • Corrected manual entry bypass of credit card processing when the transaction is an account payment.
Integrated E-Commerce
  • Improved "out of stock" workflow. Once a product is in a cart (but not yet purchased) the product will be treated as taken out of inventory.

Back Office
  • The Order API status and the last update will be taken from the current order state.
  • Inventory counting suppler filter will now respect active status on the supplier.
  • The gift card settlement report will now show the correct reimbursement amount entitled for a location.
  • You are no longer able to create an unlimited number of product discount groups.
  • Corrected an issue where you cannot obtain the full list of QuickBooks online GL accounts.
Point of Sale
  • Improved checkout performance when there is a lot of product discounts.
Integrated E-Commerce
  • Products that have no stock will now show "out of stock".
  • Added "Did you mean" product search suggestions.

Back Office
  • Added running totals to Supplier Purchase Plans.
  • Removed redundant Electronic Payments Batch report.
Point of Sale
  • Add Entry Mode to the Payment Information on Electronic Payments Transactions.
  • Improved error messages displayed to the cashier when a failed credit card batch has occurred.
Integrated E-Commerce
  •  Added folksonomy-related search in eShop.
  • Added EPX card information to eShop sales receipts.


Back Office
  • Inventory values will now be automatically recalculated upon a Cloud Retailer update.


Back Office
  • Fixed issue with inventory counts showing inactive suppliers on products when filtering by the supplier
  • Fixed issue with gift card settlement report
  • Fixed issue where not all QuickBooks general ledger accounts were available
  • Increase performance on customer address lookup
Point of Sale
  • Increased performance of customer address lookup
  • Increased performance of product code lookup
  • Increased performance of tagged entity lookup
Integrated E-Commerce
  • Created a visual cue to indicate that the website is doing something in the background

Back Office
  • Improved search functionality with the e-shop
  • Added running total to Supplier Purchase Plans
Point of Sale
  • Added cardholder name to any receipt using credit/debit cards
  • Changed batch error message to be more clear about when to contact your processor
  • Changed the way the batch failure displays to be more prominent
  • Added entry method to receipts using cred/debit cards
  • Added ability to put website at the bottom of the receipt


Back Office
  • Product size, department, category, subcategory, and sales tax fields on the product properties page will now auto-update if there are changes to the relevant data without having to save the product or refresh the page.

Back Office
  • Added Reference Number and Delivery Date columns to Rout Order Planner.
  • Improved UoM Inventory Value report to be more aligned with the standard inventory value report.
  • Improved import tool to have more flexibility when making changes to customer accounts.
  • Increased precision on Cost + % Discount discount engine to include decimal points on the percentage.
  • Corrected issue with the Supplier Purchase Plan where product size does not appear to update.

Point of Sale
  • Inventory count can not occur from the Point of Sale.
  • The  Supplier Purchase Plan printout now is printed in the same order as the view.

Back Office
  • Corrected the Products with Inventory Dates Report to now show appropriate quantity on hand.


Back Office
  • Corrected issue with Supplier Purchase Planner where it only orders on the first 100 lines.
Point of Sale
  • Fixed issue with orders where it could result in a negative deposit.
Android Mobile Tools
  • Fixed issue with not being able to check-in inventory transfers.

Back Office
  • Add shipping ID to the Reports/ViewReport/Grids-CustomerWithAddresses.
  • Added "Current Orders" report to add tracking number and notes.
  • Added new APIs to get and set Logistic address.
  • Updated the status column logic in the current order report.
  • Corrected "apply default sort" not working properly in Supplier Purchase Planning.
Point of Sale
  • Updated the comment field when in some cases it would not update when setting the sold price.
Android Mobile Tools
  • Added more icons for mobile devices.

Back Office
  • Add shipping ID to the Reports/ViewReport/Grids-CustomerWithAddresses.
  • Updated the status column logic in the current order report.
  • Corrected "apply default sort" not working properly in Supplier Purchase Planning.

Point of Sale
  • Updated the comment field when in some cases it would not update when setting the sold price.
Android Mobile Tools
  • Updated product scanning to be based on the UPC-A and UPC-E settings.

Back Office
  • Added coin counter to the register shift reconciliation page.
  • Added Reorder numbers import from PO and Transfers Import.
  • Added auto-update framework.
  • Updated datetime column on the OLCC packing list.
  • Corrected the status info in the Order API response.
  • Corrected Fintech EDI Order import where in some cases product import would fail.
  • Corrected Inventory Transfer Import is missing estimated costs in some cases.


Back Office
  • Added ability to sort by Quantity to Order in the Supplier Purchase Planner.
  • Corrected issue where Supplier Purchase planner shows zero cost for items never received by a store when the same product has been received by others.
  • Added option to have Supplier Purchase Planner use a Suggested Quantity column when trying to decide what to order.
  • Corrected issue where a reason for a discount is not logged in certain situations.
  • Corrected issue with the keg label format.

Android Mobile Tools
  • Added enhanced instructions on how to perform age verification on the Hand Held.
  • Corrected issue of auto-rotation when using the camera to scan barcodes.
  • Corrected issue where changing a location on the Hand Held does not clear out the information on the Product Report Scan Page.


Back Office
  • Corrected an issue where in some instances, an all product inventory doesn't show a product being zeroed out if not scanned.
  • Updated Zebra label print capabilities.
  • Corrected an issue where images are not showing up on the task pad.
  • Started to add Learning Management System to help with training.
  • Added switch to stop products from being ordered online when committed totals are equal to or greater than quantity on hand.


Point of Sale
  • Corrected an issue where large amounts of attribute data can slow down sync to the register.

Back Office
  • Corrected issue where inactive items quantity on hand can go negative.
  • Corrected issue with QuickBooks online updating shift entries where not everything in that shift is updated.
  • Changed columns are visible by default in the product list report.
Uncorked Commerce
  • Corrected issues with auto-scrolling after completing a search.


Back Office
  • Corrected the "Cancel" and "Save and Exit" buttons where in some cases it would not close the window properly.
  • Corrected the export to QuickBooks Online where in some cases the data failed to upload because amounts exceeded two decimal places.

Back Office
  • Corrected reporting issue on the end-of-day report where voided account payments still show on the report.


Back Office
  • Corrected Sales by Hour report issue that would cause the report to load no data.
Android Mobile Tools
  • Added functionality to take pictures of the product.

Back Office
  • Corrected issue with supplier documents repeating original list of products.
  • Added ability to build pick lists.
  • Corrected issue with accounts receivable where accounts set to no fee is being charged.
  • Updated account statements printout.
Android Mobile Tools
  • Added ability to reconfigure connection settings on the login screen.

Back Office
  • Added auto-update framework.
  • The detailed sales report now shows the primary customer address.
Point of Sale
  • Added the ability to assign taxes based on the ship to zip code. Known as destination-based tax.
  • Added auto-update framework.
  • The emailed sales receipt will now show specific store location information. 
  • Gift cards with a salesperson attached will now void correctly.
  • Voiding a split-tender on an account payment will void correctly.

Back Office
  • Corrected issue with EPX Payments.


Back Office
  • Added the ability to mark an Order inactive if for some reason it failed to do so at the time of completion.
  • Changed display names for loyalty Allow Print and Allow Auto Apply to better match their intended function.
  • Added account statement default location for statement printouts.
Point of Sale
  • Improved sync client security from unauthorized access.
  • Improved "Unable to connect to payment terminal" message so a cashier can visually see the wiki.
  • Created the framework for Point of Sale auto-updates.
  • Corrected transactions complete successfully after pressing the Abort button at the POS
Uncorked Commerce
  • Related items in eshop web order details will now show at the Point of Sale.

Back Office
  • Added a web service to accept images from mobile devices.
  • Several RITE Cloud performance improvements.


Back Office
  • Corrected issue where sales commission report is showing incorrect amounts.
  • Improved speed with Supplier Purchase Planning.
  • Corrected issue where task pad buttons do not copy correctly.
Android Mobile Tools
  • Added the ability to edit primary product code in price check.


Back Office
  • Corrected issue where alternate codes could not be used when generating labels.


Point of Sale
  • Corrected issue with check quantity button on item lookup.

Back Office
  • Increased the number of rows in supplier purchase planning.
  • Corrected issue with QTO in supplier purchase planning.
  • Improved load times with supplier purchase planning.


  • Improved performance of POS when accessing local database.
  • Corrected error when looking at orders created from E-Shop.
Uncorked Commerce
  • Corrected address field in checkout form.


Uncorked Commerce
  • Corrected TaxExempt was not updating properly when creating orders from eshop. 

Back Office
  • Improved performance of Supplier Purchase Planning when viewing large amounts of products.
  • Corrected accounts payable to eliminate trailing interest.
Uncorked Commerce
  • Added support for external email signup and authentication .


Back Office
  • Corrected ability to allow blank entry for Sale Start and Sale End date entries.
Android Mobile Tools
  • Corrected Min Qty and Max Qty to not allow negative numbers.
  • Corrected sale price to show when doing a price check.
  • Corrected error when printing labels.


Back Office
  • Corrected duplicate reference number on e-shop orders.


  • Corrected keg receipt to show the customer name properly.


Back Office
  • Corrected customer account statement due date to use statement opening date for the due date.
  • Corrected full payment to an account with finance charges to reflect full payment on interest.
Android Mobile Tools
  • Replaced setup screen with QR code scanner for faster config.
  • Corrected sounds when barcode scan succeeds and error message when scan fails.
  • Added push notification history on the local device.
  • Added ability to display HTML pages.


Back Office
  • Corrected saving label templates when in some cases an error would occur.
  • Corrected saving document templates when in some cases an error would occur.
  • Corrected the supplier purchase planning custom view so the view would persist through changes.
  • Corrected account statement billing cycle start date to occur after the closing date.
Point of Sale
  • Corrected the order lookup form when in some cases an error "value cannot be null" would occur.
Android Mobile Tools
  • Corrected purchase order line items when the reorder number would not appear in the back office.


Back Office
  • Add paging for store transfers on items greater than 250 similar to paging on purchase orders.
  • Partially returned transactions are now considered returns, rather than negative quantity items.
  • The delta cost column is now summed on the inventory adjustments.
  • All currency columns on the inventory adjustments report are now right-justified.
  • eShop devices are not hidden on the end of day report.
  • Corrected discount quantity calculation on the end of day audit KPI.
  • Corrected over/short calculation on the end of day audit KPI.
  • Corrected the largest transaction calculation on the end of day Audit KPI.
  • Corrected account statement annual interest calculations.


Back Office
  • Added customer merge by phone number and last name process.
  • Added the ability to delete supplier purchase planning views.
  • Improved performance of the sales by product report.
  • The product inventory value report now has price left-justified.
  • Inventory count results will also have 0 delta elements but they will be filtered out by default.
  • Corrected product change worksheet view to aggregate locations in one entry.
  • Corrected order route planner so that sequence works as a number.
  • Corrected copying a product would also copy the product attachments.
Point of Sale
  • You can now prompt for additional details upon order creation.
Uncorked Commerce
  • Added age verification gate.


Back Office
  • Creating a purchase order will now select your location by default if there is only one location.
  • Removed the ability to change product descriptions from supplier purchase planning.
  • Corrected label printing when in some scenarios additional product data would not print.
Point of Sale
  • Corrected placing an order on hold when in some cases age verification would cause the order not to print.

Back Office
  • The product list report will now display inactive products.
  • Improved the performance of saving store transfers if the transfer contains a large number of products.
  • Corrected deleting line items on worksheet preview where line items would not delete.
  • Corrected saving a store transfer when in some cases, clicking save would result in an error "There was a problem during updating".
Point of Sale
  • Improved sync retries in the event syncing the point of sale fails.
  • Corrected quantity on hand displaying as scientific notation on very large numbers.

Back Office
  • Added a new report for product sale analysis.
  • You can now create product reorder numbers from supplier purchase planning if none existed before.
  • Fixed an issue when updating a row in supplier purchase planning and it would update the wrong row.
  • Improved the performance of inventory transfer/purchase orders.
  • Text search now uses a normalized string that removes special characters and accentuation.
Uncorked Commerce
  • Can create product bullet points.

Back Office
  • Added a warning message if you attempt to save a QueryFilter filter with the wrong datatype.
  • Added better error message handling on the export to Quickbooks report.
  • You can now post negative purchase orders to Quickbooks Online.
  • Fixed supplier purchase planning when in some cases you will receive multiple "Calculate QTO" windows upon saving.
Point of Sale
  • Added a round up to the nearest dollar donation plug-in.

Back Office
  • Added a timeout parameter to the RecalculateUomProperties process.
Point of Sale
  • You can now require a comment on a No Sale.

Back Office
  • Added the ability to push notifications to the Android Mobile Tools.
  • Using the employee import tool, you can now set the required password reset flag.
  • Using the product import tool, you can now set the cost of the product.
  • Updated the Asana Projects report to be inactive by default.
  • Corrected the link on the reorder alert when attempting to use a duplicate reorder number on the product properties page.
  • Corrected eShop orders being associated with an incorrect transaction.
  • Corrected store transfers when the costs are not updated when being saved as posted.
  • Corrected the General Ledger Export when in some cases, the report would cause timeouts.
Point of Sale
  • Corrected closing register shift when a credit card terminal is not connected which would cause the POS to shut down unexpectedly. 

Back Office
  • Omitted Age verification product from EOD Not contributing to sales summary.
  • Sales by hour report will not filter out gift cards and non-contrubting to sales products.
  • The end of day reconciliation page now accurately displays manual inventory adjustments.
  • Added Categories and ProductSize references for label printing.
  • Fixed the undefined property error in label preview print.
  • Improved performance of the recent discounts end of day report.
Point of Sale
  • TransactionDiscountItemProduct will now be added per product, not per related piece.
  • Disable enter key on age verification form.

Back Office
  • Added the ability to edit multiple product fields in supplier purchase planning.
  • Added password peak on password fields in some areas.
Point of Sale
  • Custom hooks will now appear red during pos startup.
  • Use price from scancode if regular price is zero for random weighted codes.
  • Tenders will now not auto validate if amount due equals $0.00.
  • A new setting to allow editing web order price and quantity as been added.
  • Add the ability to use Zebra Browser Print service from the point of sale.
  • Added logging during auto batch in closing register shift.
  • Electronic payments will now try to reinitialize on register closing.
Uncorked Commerce
  • Improved performance of caching.

Back Office
  • Added default General Ledger account generation processes.
  • Added a General Ledger Assignments report.
  • Corrected supplier purchase planning to prevent page scrolling via the up and down arrow keys.
Point of Sale
  • Corrected all the dialog windows to show appropriately with a high DPI display.
Uncorked Commerce
  • Products without images will display a default stock image.

Back Office
  • Added partial voids summary to the end of day report.
  • Added a loyalty dashboard.
Point of Sale
  • Corrected loyalty rewards not applying to a recalled order.
Uncorked Commerce
  • Updated web order receipt template
  • Updated web order pick list template.

Back Office
  • Added the ability to edit Min/Max quantity from Supplier Purchase Planning

Back Office
  • Updated Product.FullDescription column to nvarchar(max) size.

Back Office
  • Updated Product.FullDescription column to nvarchar(max) size.

Back Office
  • Deprecated filestream usage.
  • Updated to Microsoft .Net 4.8
Point of Sale
  • Updated to Microsoft .Net 4.8
Uncorked Commerce
  • Updated to Microsoft .Net 4.8


Back Office
  • Added Chicago bottle tax calculator.
  • Added department and category and reference number to the current orders report.
  • Added the ability to specify customized fields to attribute sets.
  • Added missing column to the product loader sample file.
  • Removed duplicate reorder number warning if the reorder number is null or empty.
  • Improved performance of Generate labels based on product changes.
  • Auto-route label printing now only shows locations that have been selected instead of all locations.
  • Warning messages will now auto-close.
  • Fixed an issue with orders not showing at a Point of Sale when they were created by the Android Mobile Tools.
  • Fixed purchase order printouts when in some cases the extended totals did not update when printed.
Point of Sale
  • Improved product search when sorted.
  • Tendering an e-commerce order will show the payment method on the top.
Uncorked Commerce
  • Products without tags will now show up on the store-front.
  • Added volumetric discounts.
  • Cardholder data will now be added to the logistics bill-to information.

Back Office
  • Added "Last run" date to generating account statements.
  • Fixed account statements when in some cases viewing the printout was not possible.
  • Fixed account statements when in some cases an error would appear "The ORDER BY clause is invalid in views".
Point of Sale
  • Improved UI for rent registration. 
  • Added the ability to print pick lists from eShop orders.
  • Fixed emailing receipts from the POS when in some cases, it would not send an email.
Uncorked Commerce
  • Added opt in / opt out of email subscriptions.

Back Office
  • Added CC and BBC options to email sending.
  • Added the ability to edit reorder number, case quantity, lead time, min/max quantity fields from supplier purchase planning.
  • Account Statement template logo now uses the logo from Attachments.
Point of Sale
  • Fixed autocomplete search when in some cases it would add the previous product searched.


Back Office
  • Added category to the inventory adjustments report.
  • Improved remote printing of labels from the Back Office.
Point of Sale
  • Added the ability to void web order EPX payments.
  • Fixed popup windows to display over the POS screen when using more than one monitor.
  • Logistics Info will now only sync one year of data.
Uncorked Commerce
  • Added loyalty functionality to online ordering.
  • Added Logistics Info.
  • Improved caching when there are thousands of products.

Back Office
  • Added new options to the label printing button.
  • Exporting a report to PDF will now show an error if the report times out.
Point of Sale
  • Updated Electronic Payments PAX SDK to the latest version.
  • Fixed receipt printing on STAR printers when in some cases an extra character would print between lines.
  • Fixed discount calculations causing the point of sale to timeout when changing the quantity to a large amount.
Uncorked Commerce
  • Added the ability to use price levels.
  • Added customer-specific discounts.


Back Office
  • Added the ability to specify a different account statement printing template.
  • Added the ability to have custom sort orders to purchase orders / transfers.
  • Fixed EOD report when in some cases the recent discounts graph would cause a timeout.
  • Fixed customer merge to also update Magento mappings.
Point of Sale
  • Updated various windows to now display in fullscreen.
  • Added a countdown timer to the credit card processing abort button.
Uncorked Commerce
  • Added automated EPX batching.
  • Fixed online orders will now update the customer's phone number on record if one was not present before.
  • Fixed voiding online orders when in some cases the payment transaction was not found.
  • Fixed reference number generation to be more consistent.

Back Office
  • Added lead time to supplier purchase planning.
  • Added customer list with loyalty report to the loyalty module.
  • Updated description of loyalty redeem rule options to "Dot not accumulate toward min values on discounted items" and  "Do not accumulate toward min values on matching items".
Uncorked Commerce
  • Added email confirmation when an order is canceled.

Back Office
  • Added subcategory to the detailed sales report.
  • Added subcategory to the inventory value report.
  • Added upper/lower bound price to the purchase orders detail report.
  • Added cashier to the document journal report.
  • Added a default end time to the sales tax collected report.
  • Add "Include basket item" option to the market basket report.
  • Removed the default time filter from the inventory count products report.
  • Fixed collapsed dashboard widget when in some cases the widget would not uncollapse.
  • Fixed importing discounts with too many tags would not import.
Point of Sale
  • Added kit discount logic to the sales receipt.
  • Increased the timeout of the credit card abort button. It will now appear after 35 seconds rather than 20 seconds.
  • Fixed "Transaction Approved" message on the PAX terminals when in some cases the message would stay on the screen.


Back Office
  • Added dashboard widgets to remember their collapsed state.
  • Added an integration process and schedule that regularly clean up old electronic payment registry items.
  • Updated inventory received documents to include supplier.


Back Office
  • Added QTO Forecaster Tool.
  • Added estimated extended cost for store transfers.
  • Optimize Magento product export, use fast db context without state tracing.
  • Fixed Inventory Transfer Report Only shows Costs when received.
  • Fixed Total Cost in Inventory Transfer Grid.
  • Fixed Post Voids are not displayed under the Audit KPI Data on the Summarized End of Day report.
  • Fixed Lists so they do not reset after an update.
Point of Sale
  • Fixed showing proper transaction type in past receipts window.
Uncorked Commerce
  • Added button to clean basket.
  • Added disclaimer about product image.
  • Added the ability to add custom text to appear on the website.
  • Fixed order items UnitPrice for the completed order.

Back Office
  • Added rounding error line to the end of day report.
  • Added cash drops and cash payouts to the end of day report.
Point of Sale
  • Updated shift number on the Z report.
  • Fixed spelling of "felony" on the Keg receipt.
Uncorked Commerce
  • Added CDN for EShop images.
  • Added size to the product details.
  • Updated EShop order status will be defaulted to "Submitted".
  • Updated search results to sort by popularity.
  • Improved breadcrumbs.

Uncorked Commerce
  • Added canceling an order also cancels the preauthorization.
  • Added default EShop order type (pick-up) 

Back Office
  • Added a checkbox "Show on web" for departments.
  • Added a checkbox "Show on web" for product sizes.
Point of Sale
  • Added a "Set Status" button to the order lookup window.
Uncorked Commerce
  • Added North American Bancard (NAB) payments integration.
  • Added catalog price change warning.
  • Added the ability to edit an order at the POS that has been placed.
  • Added the ability to specify different types of orders Pick-up / Delivery.
  • Added automated emailed alerts to customers on order status change.
  • Added automated email to send a receipt to the customer when an order has been placed.

Uncorked Commerce
  • Added sale price


Back Office
  • Added the ability to assign a custom discount to a customer.


Back Office
  • Removed some deprecated parameters.
Uncorked Commerce
  • Added the foundation for Uncorked Commerce.


Back Office
  • Fixed page refreshing on supplier purchase planning when it should not refresh.

Back Office
  • Added the ability to deactivate a user if the user has no activity in 90 days. 
  • Improved the performance of Magento order sync.
  • Fixed creating a purchase order when in some cases you are unable to add a product if there are many excluded PO products. 
  • Fixed supplier purchase planning when in some cases orders did not generate consistently. 
            Point of Sale
  • Added logging to see when a cashier explicitly clicked the Abort credit card processing button.
  • Improved the wait time after clicking close on the change window.

Point of Sale
  • Added the ability to search by customer email.
  • Added auto-complete searching while using the search box located on the main screen.
    This function is disabled by default to maintain POS performance.

Back Office
  • Added the ability to enable account lockout if a user has no activity in 90 days.
  • Fixed customer merge where loyalty would not merge if a loyalty membership did not exist at the destination account.
            Point of Sale
  • Fixed looking up past receipts when in some cases a message would indicate a Bad Request.
  • Fixed client update checking when there is a lack of internet connectivity, the Point of Sale would appear frozen.
  • Made improvements to our internal automated testing tools.

Back Office
  • Added the ability to disable random weight barcodes.
  • Fixed Admin role permissions when in some cases an Admin user cannot change customer accounts.
  • Fixed Admin role permissions when in some cases an Admin user cannot edit Gift Cards.
  • Fixed Magento product export indicating success when errors had occurred.
2.8.7 - (hotfix) - 4/3/2020

Back Office
  • Fixed Supplier document processing where documents did not migrate to the new Supplier Document Log Data table.

Back Office
  • Updated device/registers list to include POS version numbers.
  • Updated Supplier Purchase Planning to include IsPrimary supplier filter.
  • Updated Supplier Purchase Planning to include a case/unit toggle.
  • Updated the custom filters for Sales Report By Year-Month.
            Point of Sale
  • Fixed when scanning a relating barcode that in some cases returned too many products.
  • Added the ability to restrict entry payment types for credit cards such as manual or swipe.

Back Office
  • Added email entry validation.
  • Added Inventory Transfer Report as a standard report.
  • Added a tag filter (InventoryPurchaseDisabled) to prevent products from being added to Supplier Purchase Planning or Purchase Orders.
  • Added the ability to export a purchase order to a report.
  • Improved the workflow of receiving partial purchase orders.
  • Fixed importing attribute sets when in some cases would remove previous attributes.
            Point of Sale
  • Fixed rent registration when in some cases it would time out searching for rented products.
  • Fixed applying payments to a transaction.
  • Fixed imported account balances not showing up as paid when they should.

Back Office
  • Added email address format validation.
  • Improved the workflow for adding multiple products to a Purchase Order.
            Point of Sale
  • Added the ability for EBT to self populate the eligible amount to the EBT tender type.
  • Improved an error message that would appear when batching Credit Card payments.
  • Fixed Rent Registration when in some cases would require a customer if there were no products listed in the filter.

Back Office
  • Updated the Change Log report to correcting shift time zones.
  • Removed the ability for users to change a report from locked to unlocked.
            Point of Sale
  • Added more graceful handling of poor network situations when processing payments that require an internet connection.
  • Added an abort button that appears when credit card processing takes longer than 20 seconds.
  • Added the ability to prevent employees from joining or accruing loyalty points.
  • Updated Electronic Payments PAX SDK to the latest version.
  • Fixed Order sync when in some situations the sync failed with unusually large orders.
  • Removed the TIP tender type from the Tender window.
  • Fixed loyalty programs that have "Show at POS" set to false would still appear at the Point of Sale.

Back Office
  • Added Supplier as a column to the Inventory Count filter.
  • Added the ability to populate an Attribute dropdown list based on the values of another Attribute.
  • Added the ability to use TAB in some text areas while editing.
    Example: Selecting a State from a dropdown would then populate a second dropdown with the Counties.
  • Fixed Price (Unit) discounts can now use higher precision by using decimals.
  • Fixed customer addresses in some cases the Bill To and Ship To did not populate upon customer creation from the Back Office.
            Point of Sale
  • Fixed customer addresses in some cases the Bill To and Ship To did not populate upon customer creation from the Point of Sale.

Back Office
  • Added the ability to apply discounts by weight.


Back Office
  • Added the ability to filter inactive locations on the Product List report.

Back Office
  • Fixed the Change Log report to correctly shift time zones.
  • Removed the ability for a user to toggle a report from locked to unlocked.
Point of Sale
  • Added the ability to exclude employees from joining loyalty programs.
  • Removed the TIP tender type from available tenders as it is not needed.
  • Updated electronic payments to use the latest version of the PAX SDK.
  • Improved the performance of Order sync by adding a Key Index. In some cases, this would cause a sync failure.
  • Improved performance of the POS when in some cases the program would appear frozen upon tendering payments.
  • Improved the Credit Card Batch report.
  • Fixed the option "Show at POS" for loyalty programs when setting this to true would still show the loyalty program at the POS.
  • Fixed loyalty programs that would prevent a discount from applying if "Show at POS" was never set.
  • Fixed voiding on account payments when in some cases it would not calculate the repayment correctly for the previous related transaction.
  • Fixed the sync client web address being overwritten when updating Cloud Retailer.

Back Office
  • Added the ability to filter by supplier while creating an inventory count.
  • Added the ability to create a dynamic drown-down menu in an attribute set.
  • Added the ability to press TAB in certain text areas.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a customer in the back office does not always sync their address to the Point of Sale.
Point of Sale
  • Fixed updating customer address info in some cases the address would not update or print on the receipt. 

Back Office
  • The first time any general ledger reports are run, it will auto-create the required database tables if they are missing. Previously it would display an error.
  • Added the ability to add products to a purchase order by scanning multiple barcodes in rapid succession.
  • Added the ability to lock users from logging into the back office and Point of Sale.
  • Fixed saving item lists which would cause duplicate entries.
  • Fixed a typo in the Sales Tax Collected Report.
  • Fixed duplicate product discounts showing up on the Product edit page when saving. It did not actually save duplicates.
Point of Sale
  • Made improvements to the set sales person function.
  • Updated the Price Checker window to display colored text.
  • Added the ability to auto-close credit card batches when closing the register shift.

Back Office
  • Improved the performance of inventory cost calculations.
  • Updated the End of Day report summaries to filter by register shift. 
  • Added the ability to track who created or last updated a report configuration.
  • Added a new user role that gives the ability to import customer account balances via Import Tools.
Point of Sale
  • Added the ability to apply loyalty rewards to a gift card.

Back Office
  • Updated the Copywrite section of the page footer.
Point of Sale
  • Added a warning message that will now display to the cashier if they try to view a customer's purchase history if they do not have permission to do so.
  • Added a "please wait" message when tendering to an "on account" tender if there is a delay in the server response.
  • Improved the handling of split tendering credit cards on the First Data terminal application.
  • Fixed partial authorized credit card payment being voided and the entire amount would be charged on the second card.
  • Fixed barcode printing when you print a receipt to PDF.
  • Fixed duplicate customer account creation. If an account is created for the same customer at the same time, at two different POS's, one account number will be appended with a question mark.

Back Office
  • Added unsupported browser message that will now show in the Back Office.
  • Added the ability to toggle case/units when receiving a purchase order.
  • Improved performance of report caching.
  • Fixed Sales KPI Data percentages to account for 100% of sales data.


Back Office
  • Updated the Product Not Found report to have an end time of midnight by default.
  • Updated the Detailed No Sale Report to pull the correct dates.
  • Added the ability to shift time zones in a query filter.
Point of Sale
  • Returning products and also adding products to purchase on the same transaction now allows over tendering.
  • Partially picking up an Order would in some cases, remove products from the order that should remain.

Back Office
  • Added the ability to receive partial Purchase Orders.
Point of Sale
  • Added the ability to recall the email address of a customer who paid with a credit card.
  • Updated the sales receipt to show tax break-down on returns.
  • Improved Price Checker to also allow printing labels and view product attributes from the same window.

    Back Office
    • Added the ability to edit certain product attributes directly from a report.
    • Added host-based logging for InstaMed payment processing.
    • Updated the .Net framework to 4.7.2.
    Point of Sale
    • Added faster signature capture for PAX payment devices.
    • Updated the .Net framework to 4.7.2.
    • Updated InstaMed payment processing SDK to 2.9.0.

      Back Office
      • Added the ability to save a Supplier Purchase Planning view.
      • Fixed account balances to show correctly to conform with accounting standards.
      Point of Sale
      • Added attributes to the sales receipt to define tips.
      • Removed some unnecessary additional prompts when using a loyalty reward.
      • Fixed account balances to show correctly to conform with accounting standards.

        Back Office
        • Added the ability to receive partial Purchase Orders.


        Back Office
        • Fixed unable to save a purchase order when the quantity extended past 14 digits.
        Point of Sale
        • Improved the speed of electronic payments signature capture with PAX devices.
        • Fixed scanning of a product's barcode would add the product with an incorrect sale price if there was a number present in the search field.

        Back Office
        • Added a new report called Discounted Sales By Type.
        • Added the ability to save supplier purchase planning view.
        Point of Sale
        • Added TIP break-downs on the sales receipt.
        • Updated the way account balances are displayed on the sales receipt.
        • Corrected the way discounts are rounded when selling a weighted product.

        Back Office
        • Added tabbed attributes to the payment methods form.
        • Fixed the purchase orders grid which allowed a user to navigate to a second page when there were no more pages.

        Point of Sale
        • Fixed expired loyalty programs that do not prompt for renewal.

        Back Office
        • Fixed deleting supplier purchase plans where the plan would still exist on the supplier purchase plan page.
        • Improved supplier purchase plans when products are not updating correctly.
        • Added account statements functionality.
        • Added minimum / maximum quantity to order forecasting tool used in conjunction with supplier purchase planning.
        • Added multi location catalog management.
        Point of Sale
        • Improved the user-interface on customer account payments to align with the new account statements functionality.

        Back Office
        • Retired the UoM Quantity On Hand report.
        • Improved posting to Quickbooks Online to support sale cost changes.
        • Improved UI elements to correctly display on 4:3 ratio monitors.
        • Added register name to the Detailed Sales Report.
        • Fixed the default OPOS order receipt to still print if a customer name is left blank or NULL.
        Point of Sale
        • Added the ability to sell a gift card on picking up an order.
        • Fixed recalling orders on non-originating registers where sometimes customer addresses would not print.
        • Fixed scanning random weight barcodes when the barcode starts with a 0.

        Back Office
        • Improved mappings between suppliers and store locations.
        • Improved syncing products and orders with Magento eCommerce sites.
        • Added IsEmployeeAccount to the detailed sales report.
        • Added a default gift receipt template to our receipt repository.
        • Fixed IsMagentoWebsiteEnabled checkbox when in some cases the product would not correctly send to Magento.
        • Fixed syncing custom attributes with Magento when in some cases attributes did not sync.
        • Fixed syncing product weight with Magento where weight was not sending properly. 
        • Fixed syncing product images with Magento when there are 100k products which caused a timeout.
        Point of Sale
        • Improved reading Grams on supported scales.

        Back Office
        • Added an improvement in the electronic payments batch report.
        • Added the ability to customize the footer on the sales transaction receipt.
        • Fixed suppliers importing to respect regional permissions.
        Point of Sale
        • Fixed time-based discounts that expired too early.
        • Corrected a spelling error on the keg registration receipt.

        Back Office
        • Added missing parameterization to the Not Contrubituing to Sales Report and Detailed No Sale Report.
        • Added the ability to pass additional Magento API parameters.
        • Added the ability to auto-generate numbers for attribute sets. 
        • Improved the product importer tool to handle departments and categories more gracefully.
        • Fixed the Magento sync process syncing too fast that causes an error 503 on the Magento server.
        • Fixed the supplier purchase planning grid when trying to delete a plan would not work as designed.
        • Fixed the supplier purchase planning report when viewing the report with the total cost column.
        Point of Sale
        • Added Electronic Payment ping testing.
        • Improved performance of the sync client.
        • Removed HTML formatting in some error windows.
        • Fixed voiding line items in a work order would not remove the line item.
        • Fixed picking up items from a work order would cause an error message to appear. 

        Back Office
        • Made improvements on the credit card settlement and credit card batch reports.
        • Fixed purchase orders when you cannot add a supplier if the supplier documents component was enabled on the purchase orders page.
        • Fixed product change worksheets when some fields would not accept input.
        • Fixed inventory counts when in some scenarios a "The component could not be displayed." error message would appear.
        • Fixed the display order of the tender types on the register shift reconciliation page.

        Back Office
        • Added Container Size column to the product sizes.
        • Adding a non-primary UoM product to an inventory count will now alert the user.
        • Fixed saving purchase orders for a user who does not have sufficient privileges when the Quickbooks Online integration is enabled.
        Point of Sale
        • Added the ability to read very long customer notes.

        Back Office
        • Fixed clearing filters from Supplier Purchase Planning would cause a NULL error.
        • Fixed synchronizing with a Magento site would not set the correct Image Roles.
        • Fixed an issue when synchronizing with a Magento site where an Image ID was changed.
        • Fixed populating Purchase Order costs when using Supplier Purchase Planning.
        • Updated the column name of Location to be Location Name on numerous reports.
        • Updated the column name of Transaction to be Transaction Number on numerous reports.
        • Updated the column name of Classification to be Sub Category on numerous reports.
        • Updated the Recent Price Changes report by adding Departments and Categories column.
        Point of Sale
        • Fixed an issue when recalling a Magento site Order with shipping would cause the POS to lock up.

        Back Office
        • Added the ability to define parsing definitions for EDI.
        • Fixed the horizontal scroll bar that was missing on the main menu.
        • Improved the Tax Collected / Taxable Sales summary and reports.
        • Improved the Product List report.
        Point of Sale
        • Fixed an error during a sync when an order type is changed with existing Orders.
        • Fixed Store & Forward setting so that it is not always enabled. 
        • Improved customer account payments view.
        • Improved better handling of loyalty while offline.

        Back Office
        • Added previous years' sales to Supplier Purchase Planning.
        • Optimized the Detailed Sales Report to improve performance.
        • Updated Supplier Purchase Planning to order by Product Name, Product Code and Location by default.
        • Updated Supplier Purchase Planning to stop the report from automatically running when visiting the page for the first time.
        • Fixed the Product Loader where sometimes it would fail adding new products.
        • Fixed an issue where you are unable to import a Task Pad.
        Point of Sale
        • Fixed some sync errors when trying to sync Purchase Orders.


        Back Office
        • Changed Discount non-discountable items disabled by default
        Point of Sale
        • Fixed the issues where having Multiple Loyalty Programs may earn points on both.
        • Fixed Loyalty issues when a sale is put on HOLD.
        • Added in Orders lookup window - Ability to search for customers Orders by name.


        Back Office
        • Fixed the end of day report when deposits on orders did not always show up.
        • Fixed the label queue when products are marked "available at location" did not add to the label queue.
        • Fixed the Magento integration when trying to connect to a secure site that only supports SSL/TLS 1.2.
        • Fixed the Magento integration when the tax was imported incorrectly.
        • Added loyalty expiration date to customer import.
        • Added RenewMembershipOperation to the loyalty membership log.
        Point of Sale
        • Fixed renew expired memberships on tender global entity setting not working as expected.
        • Fixed expired loyalty memberships when a transaction would still acquire new points.
        • Fixed recalling an order would not always show the correct bill-to / ship-to address.
        • Added the ability for the Magento integration to also create a shipping line item at the time of recall.


        Back Office
        • Added 4-week and 13-week averages to Supplier Purchase Planning.
        • Added the ability to print multiple receipts or other journaled documents to PDF.
        • Updated the following receipt templates:
          Default OPOS sales receipt, default full-page sales receipt, default OPOS order receipt and default full-page order receipt.


        Back Office
        • Changed some report column names to match their function.
        • Fixed the Log Data report when in some cases the report failed to load.
        • Fixed the UoM Inventory Value Report where in some cases it was displaying incorrect inventory value.
        • Fixed Posting to QuickBooks Online when an error would occur if there was no customers in QuickBooks.
        Point of Sale
        • Fixed searching for products at the point of sale that could cause an error if a product had a custom discount with a blank filter.


        Back Office
        • Added new timezone shift function.
        • Fixed user roles where roles did not update when updating to a newer version of Cloud Retailer Back Office.
        Point of Sale
        • Fixed verbose logging of the sync client where errors would sometimes get truncated.
        • Fixed discount amounts not being recorded correctly when the discount was combined with other discounts.
        • Fixed the Percent Off Each button where it would not perform a discount.


        Back Office
        • Updated register number and description to the Detailed Sales Report.


        Back Office
        • Improved performance of Cloud Retailer instances with caching.
        • Fixed Email Entries Detail report where displayed times did not shift timezones.
        Point of Sale
        • Improved discount combining. 


        Back Office
        • Added customer account balance import.
        • Added the ability for reports to skip certain queries that are not being displayed.
        • Added employee location usability in more areas (Label Queue, Register Creation, Product Change Worksheet).
        • Improved the Importer Tools grouping.
        • Fixed saving a Purchase Order with a negative cost would incorrectly show estimated cost.
        • Fixed importing products with the same reorder number would cause duplicate reorder numbers.
        • Fixed employee roles when sometimes they shouldn’t have access but do.
        Point of Sale
        • Fixed customer account payments where it would only allow one payment per day.


        Back Office
        • Added transaction and transaction line item comment to the sales discount report.
        • Added the ability to print labels directly to a configured Point of Sale.
        • Added DateCreated to the SalesTransacitonLineItem column.
        • Improved weekly performance tuning on Cloud Retailer instances.
        • Fixed attribute values with Sync Chancel of none appear to sync to the POS anyway.
        • Fixed Supplier Purchase Planning where some products would not be included in the saved plan.
        • Fixed Product Import where an “Object Reference” error would occur with new a supplier that does not exist in the Back Office.
        • Fixed Purchase Order imports so they are not case sensitive.
        • Fixed copying a product would remove the sales tax on the new product when saving.
        • Fixed exporting a report would cause the wait spinner to spin indefinitely.
        • Fixed saving Purchase Orders when a product has cost is absurdly out of range (1417884098423.38). 
        Point of Sale
        • Added the ability to search by company name to the Order lookup window.
        • Added auto printing of labels from the Back Office.
        • Fixed the F9 key when trying to use it at the Customer Credit Payment window.
        • Fixed Age Verification where it would not validate ID’s that had a future date.


        Back Office
        • Applied various security updates to Cloud Retailer.
        • Fixed Supplier Purchase Planning where some users where not able to access it.
        • Fixed Purchase Orders – Store Transfers where sometimes you cannot save the order because of the error “There was a problem during updating, coming from the component”.
        • Fixed posting previous transactions to QuickBooks Online would use the current date instead of the date when the transaction occurred.


        Back Office
        • Added register name to Payment Entries report.
        • Improved performance while loading/saving task pads where an instance has very many task pads.
        • Fixed the Credit Card Processing Details report, the Batch Time was not shifting time zones.
        • Fixed Product Import when importing products with a lot of alternative codes could cause the import to freeze.
        • Fixed saving a new product without selecting a tax rate, it would default to an inactive tax rate.


        Back Office
        • Added the ability to join a customer to an existing membership from the Back Office.
        • Added the ability to match existing malformed product codes when scanning a UPC while using the UPC fixer.
        • Added default opening amounts for new register shifts.
        • Added the ability to post transactions and inventory value to QuickBooks Online.
        • Added event-driven cost calculations.
        • Improved performance of Supplier Purchase Planning.
        • Fixed EDI where it would cause an unexpected error when a product is not found.
        • Fixed EDI where you cannot import a file that does not have a file extension.
        • Fixed EDI to ignore leading zeros on location ID when importing from a file.
        • Fixed customer merge where loyalty was not merging correctly. 
        • Fixed quantity on hand in product movement page where it would sometimes not update.
        • Fixed several costing calculations where cost sometimes would not show correctly.
        Point of Sale
        • Added the ability to unlink loyalty memberships.
        • Improved Point of Sale sync performance.
        • Fixed Loyalty Service where auto-generated loyalty cards could potentially be duplicated.
        • Fixed syncing a fresh instance would sometimes not drop the existing database.


        Back Office
        • Updated the default Purchase Order document template.
        • Added the ability to import Orders through the Import Tool.


        Back Office
        • Added Cashier Number to the employee timeclock report.
        • Added link to sales transaction when viewing customer loyalty history.
        • Fixed Kit ingredients report that produced an error when used.
        • Fixed customer loyalty history where dates did not account for the timezone shift.
        Point of Sale 
        • Fixed Price Check when the product code was an EAN, the product would not show.
        • Added verbose logging for InstaMed API.


        Back Office
        • Fixed an issue where Supplier Purchase Planning quantity sometimes didn’t highlight.
        • Fixed employees who have an administrative role with a specific store location would not be able to see or edit employee roles who are from other locations.
        • Fixed importing product attributes where some products did not have the correct or missing attributes.
        • Fixed sending out test emails when editing employee report summaries.
        • Fixed Supplier Purchase Planning where all suppliers would become rechecked when you click on “Show Purchases Only”.
        Point of Sale
        • Fixed unable to search past receipts when searching by All Stores.

        • Added version independence of Back Office and Point of Sale.
        • Improved sync performance between the Back Office and Point of Sale.

        • Zebra multiple column print ability added
        • Fix - Changed supplier product links in supplier product reports to view instead of edit
        • Fix - Negative values in manual adjustment on product movement form behave like positive values
        • Improvements to Label Queue filtering
        • Added prompt user to retry in the case of loyalty caches initialization failure
        • Speed improvement for "click here for next 100 rows" button
        • Updated Detailed Payment Entries Report to use DateTime for StartDate/EndDate
        • Fix - Ampersand in Sidebar Products Search causes an error
        • Fix - Notification messages stacking when multiple users are joined to the same inventory count
        • Improvements to POS client sync
        • Improved Customer Merge page
        • Improvements to POS client sync
        • Improvements to Purchase Order user interface
        • Fix - EBT Balance Check Returning Blank if $0.00 balance
        • Fix - (PO) Changing sort order hides items
        • Added Tag filter to the Customer Balance History report
        • Improvements to Product Change worksheet import
        • (SPP) Speed improvements
        • Prompt for quantity for items which have a random weight barcode
        • Speed improvement for Detailed Payment Entries report
        • Improved Detailed Sales report, clarified transaction type
        • Improved Advanced Purchase report, added Last Week Sold, Last Month Sold and Last Year Sold. Also added Department to the available filters.
        • Improvements to the back-office user interface
        • Improvements to Enhanced Customer Search
        • Fix - Number pad does not always pop up when counting inventory on an Android device
        • Fix - Email PO button is failing to send
        • Fix - Items can be added to the transaction while a credit card is being processed
        • Fix - DaySold column in Detailed Sales Report showing UTC date
        • Added ability to export GL data to Quickbooks API through our GL reporting functionality
        • Improved format of register shift numbers
        • Added ability to make a register configuration the default register configuration for new registers
        • Improvements to POS client sync
        • Fix - Recalling a work order with a discounted return item incorrectly calculates the extended cost
        • Fix - Advanced filter when searching for Customers is removed when the main search is used
        • Fix - (SPP) QTO not updating for all items
        • Improvements to customer account payment user interface
        • Fix - Assuming two decimal places in the payment received and payment text boxes
        • Fix - Random Weight Items Product Count not rounded
        • Improvements to Attribute Sets
        • Fix - (SPP) Saving a Plan does not always populate product cost in PO
        • Fix - Custom Discounts not working with MultiSale Worksheets.
        • Fix - (PO) Export to CSV not working
        • Fix - Work Order Discounts removed on Quantity Change
        • Fix - Handling of cashier without return permission opening orders with returns
        • Improvements to product page user interface
        • Fix - (SPP) Saving a Plan while using "Calculate based on past sales" will add all products from supplier to the PO
        • Fix - Scale weights giving a positive quantity for weighted items in return mode
        • Fix - (PO) Deleted entries reappear when a new entry is added
        • Fix - Errors on Work Orders with no line items
        • Added ability to apply an account payment to a specific invoice
        • Improvements to customer account payment user interface
        • Improvements to Customer Facing Display
        • Improvements to Enhanced Customer Search
        • Fix - Rounding errors in Order Remaining Balance
        • Fix - Customer account payment not showing
        • Fix - Special characters printing incorrectly with Zebra Browser Print
        • Fix - Product List report shows 0% Profit on $0 Cost items
        • Fix - 30-day Averages on the Dashboard are not accurate
        • Automatically deactivate sync tokens which have not synced in more than 2 weeks
        • Fix - Dollar-off coupon forcing refund on a lesser valued product
        • Improved handling of partial approvals with multiple gift cards
        • Improved Magento integration
        • Added shift number filtering to GL Export report
        • Added ability to export SPP configuration
        • Added logging of Task Pad changes
        • Fix - Labels not cleared from the queue when using Zebra Print Browser
        • Fix - New products being added to Sale Price Changes label queue
        • (Loyalty) Added option to automatically close redeem window after redeem operation if there are no other available rewards
        • Added ability to automatically accept scale weight without hitting enter by using the "Weighted" tag
        • Fix - Quotes/Work Orders printing immediately when option not checked
        • Fix - PA1014 reporting end inventory incorrectly when there is an inventory count
        • Fix - Weighted items prompting for quantity during voids, order recalls, and partial returns
        • Fix - Partial return form not allowing decimal quantities greater than 1
        • Fix - Limit date to greater than 12/31/1899 in Customer Display Schedule form
        • Improved clarity of Extended Price in Customer Facing Display
        • User Roles now sorted alphabetically by default
        • Taskpad names now sorted alphabetically by default
        • Fix - Copied Purchase Orders cannot be saved
        • Fix - Product Importer is incorrectly identifying scientific notation
        • Fix - Report permissions failing in some circumstances
        • Fix - Products with multiple tags aren't correctly evaluated in discount filters
        • Improved Product Movement Screen user interface
        • Fix - Purchase Order items being dropped on save
        • Ability to manually adjust costs on products
        • Fix - Cache data works incorrectly after email sent in PO
        • Fix - Weighted Barcodes Price not changing when discount set with Price Level
        • Fix - POS Price Check is showing SalePrice for expired sales
        • Fix - Unexpected error when trying to process Instamed NFC
        • Fix - Immediate printing is combining two receipts
        • Fix - Bulk Product Tag Import creates duplicate tags
        • Fix - (Loyalty) Quantity Reward Rule allows redemption multiple times
        • Added possibility to set settings and default value in AttributeSetDbSetup.
        • Added default GL items setups.
        • Added import/export functionality for Query.
        • Added QueryDbSetup
        • Added possibility to set settings and default value in AttributeSetDbSetup.
        • Added exception message as details for failed report notifications.
        • Fix - ISNULL checking in reorder number comparing
        • Fix - Remove dependency of InventorySupplierMapping table when calculating LastCost
        • Fix - Excluded PO entries when InventoryPurchaseId is NULL 
        • Added GL preparator hook without aggregation in partials example.
        • Added ReportSummary and QueryFilters support in GlItemsService with examples.
        • Fixed UpdateCountLineItemAdjustments to recalculate all later counts separately
        • Implementing new combine logic of products at Pos
        • Added a web service that returns report summary data
        • Added unit tests for checking that supplier can be imported with PO
        • Added new methods Set and Retrieve to PosConfiguration
        • Corrected sold price rounding in transaction line items and posted line items
        • Update Inventory-AdvancedPurchase.xml
        • Enhanced customer search
        • Added possibility to join required loyalty programs directly from the prompt.
        • Added AutoJoinOnCustomer option for Loyalty program.
        • Added additional message if missing customer State on required memberships.
        • Added meta to grid column definition
        • Added MinWidth to search control
        • Change default date on report to include today's date
        • Added opos scanner support
        • Fixed html element stale error in selenium tests
        • Added InventoryCheck tool and Diagnostics links component with permissions.
        • New permissions added - should be by default set to TRUE
        • Added severity to web test result to allow warnings, verbose and debug messages
        • Corrected inventory purchase edit tests by removing static properties
        • Fixed CheckSalesReportWebTest, recalculated checksum.
        • added test to check active transaction discount filter
        • Added logging when ActiveTransaction discounts filter is replaced. 
        • Added double check locking on both pre start and start app init methods
        • Added CloudRetailer Backoffice.UnitTests
        • Fixed Shipping Address Cellphone number shows up as Fax Number in POS Edit screen 
        • Fixed Qty of line items showing 0 in PO/ transfer list
        • Corrected printout of items with non 100% width on consolidated report
        • Added a possibility to control the components sizes in small resolutions
        • Corrected materializing list with doing calculations in sql
        • Add a column to this grid for total quantity currently committed (from orders) 
        • Cash/Debit discount not displaying correct totals when combined with a customer discount
        • Better Message for Offline Peripherals
        • Added Zebra Printer implementation
        • Speed up Inventory costs calculation
        • Add a new parameter to LookupOrder (ApplyDiscounts true/false)
        • Check if OrderType can ApplyDeposit before collecting deposit on order create.
        • Added user friendly message on Inventory/Index deprecated report resource.
        • Customer name in transaction not changing when updating customer
        • Searching for past receipts should check the local database before hitting our web service
        • Added Email Work Orders from POS
        • Corrected UoM Inventory Value incorrectly calculating cost on 0 quantity products
        • Corrected Supplier Purchase Plans are calculating based on the wrong qty
        • Added discount comment to POS discount description and to SaleDiscount report
        • Filter out entries that are not available at a store
        • Added safeguard to IsActive in the view
        • Added a safeguard that does not allow changing IsActive by users who do not have delete permission

        • Items set to "Prompt for quantity" will no longer prompt again for quantity after an order is created from the transaction and later recalled.
        • It is now impossible to join a closed or deleted inventory count from an old link.
        • Cost of goods sold calculation optimizations.
        • Membership to a Loyalty program which is set to expire on a past date will no longer create a renewal loop.
        • New user-role permissions now default to True when updating an instance in which users had the equivalent ability.
        • OPOS receipts no longer append white space to right-justified table cell contents.

        • Editing a payment method will now show the correct location name if the location contains a period
        • POs and Store Transfers with a status of "Open" now show the correct "Qty of line items" and "Total Cost" instead of 0
        • Import of sales transaction payment history from legacy systems now shows the original date/time of the transaction instead of the date/time of import.
        • Corrected Shipping Address cellphone and fax numbers being transposed between POS and back office.
        • When a quantity of units ordered in a PO is evenly divisible by the case quantity, the quantity and cost are automatically changed to cases.
        • "Customer List with Sales" report now exclude tax from the "Total Sales" column and has 2 new columns: "Total Tax" and "Total (Tax Inclusive)"
        • "Purchase Order Detail" report now includes a sum of the Quantity column.

        • InventoryLoaderEngine will no longer create purchase orders and transfers that are received
        • Zebra Browser Printer implementation
        • Corrected printout of items with non 100% width on consolidated report
        • Added a possibility to control the components sizes in small resolutions
        • Cash/Debit discount not displaying correct totals when combined with a customer discount
        • Better Message for Offline Peripherals 
        • Added possibility to disable plugin in hook
        • Import tool is importing products with Department.Code and Category.Code
        • Added BackOfficeBaseUrl and CompanyName data to the ApplicationInfo object
        • Update shift details automatically when you finalize the shift totals
        • Added cleanup on empty EmployeeRoles items
        • Corrected Gift Card History windows shortcut key (Close Button [F12]) not working
        • When store transfer note is null (nothing) then transfers not showing in the list


        • If loyalty plugin is disabled in back office it seamlessly disables at POS
        • Improved age verification prompt workflow with orders at POS
        • Hold orders now accumulate loyalty points if the customer is attached after the sale is recalled from hold the second time.
        • Customer feature request - the ability to configure how discounts are applied (or not) when recalling certain types of orders that may have been created at a point in time in the past when promotions where different (on sale then, not on sale now).
        • Increased the level of precision (number of decimal places) that we track the total tax accumulated on an entire sales transaction.
        • Enhanced POS synchronization logging
        • Improved collision resolution with POS sync
        • Regional permission fix for limiting visibility to POs and transfers for regions you do not have permission to see
        • Supplier Purchase Planning - multiple improvements
          • Ability to force refresh of cached grid data
          • Full-screen viewing improvement with external statistics panel enabled
          • Ability to calculate based on reorder points has new options including the ability to order in round cases
        • Searching for past transactions now searches the local database before hitting the central servers which improves offline capabilities
        • Ability to email work orders from POS.
        • Ability to raise the price of a product if it's on sale
        • Cost leveling chatter (additional transfers created for calculation sake) is now invisible IF you are utilizing cost leveling
        • Other misc changes
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        • Improved API token refreshing for mobile devices (no longer a 4-hour timeout / improved security).

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        • Ability to print dynamic product attributes on receipt templates
        • Unique customer counts are now filtered by location on the summarized end of day report
        • Improved visibility when a user logs into a test back office instance
        • Other

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        • Fixed error when posting to QuickBooks- An item with the same key has already been added
        • Enhanced GL account linking in QuickBooks integration.
        • Improvements to supplier record when there are many EDI documents attached to their record.
        • Improvements around layered discounts (2 or 3 discount layers) where a double dipping discount is canceled by another discount when it should be stacked.
        • Misc UI improvements to the Supplier Purchase Planning functionality
        • Added base code that starts to allow users to build complex taskpad functionality using a toolset to make it an easier process.
        • Some miscellaneous reorganization and cleanup of the header data in the summarized end of day report
        • Improved the workflow around making payments against account balances

        • Fixed limited permission issue completing standard sales transactions
        • Fixed issue with the ability to reuse deleted order numbers
        • PO printing more clearly states case/unit in the standard template
        • Ability to show a list of reasons when doing a return
        • Misc changes to OPOS sales transaction receipt as it relates to HTML tables
        • Ability to scan a coupon code and automatically attempt to apply it without the need to use a separate dialog.
        • Significant misc changes to orders and order receipts
        • Disabled the ability to for the logout screen to appear when a credit card is processing when the system is set up to automatically log a cashier out after a period of inactivity
        • Supplier Purchase Plan can now show the statistics data in the same window (instead of having a secondary pop-up window with relates statistics)
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        • Added the ability to set an items IsMagentoWebEnabled flag from the product importer
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        • Add support for XML RAW and JSON - integration processes AND report export
        • Excel report export - freeze top column and filter as export defaults
        • Supplier Purchase Plans don't respect filters
        • Ability to import product data based on location using a field inside the file
        • Quantity discounts not applying in return mode / negative transactions
        • Removal of some unnecessary messages while in offline mode relating to rental
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