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Migrating to Supplier Purchase Planning from RITE Advance PO

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A big shoutout and hello to all you RITE Advanced PO fans out there!  We understand from your feedback that APO was a tool that became indispensable to your business. We have strived to re-create all of the functionality that you grew to love from Advance PO in Cloud Retailer. Things may look a bit different, but it is our hope that you will find all the same bells in whistles that you need to make Cloud Retailer the new super tool for your business.

The articles below are provided to you in hopes that we can ease any transition pains you may have while moving from Advance PO to the new tools in Cloud Retailer. On the whole, we hope the features we've created will replace and exceed your expectations. With that said, if you find something missing or you would like to suggest additional features, we're always looking to hear your feedback. Please contact your Sales Executive or our Professional Services team to discuss your idea.
  • Purchase Order creation based on Reorder Points
  • Purchase Order creation base on Past Sales
  • View Advanced Sales Metrics from the PO Window
  • Export PO to a Supplier