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Inventory counting unit rental

If you are going to conduct a physical inventory count of your store you may want more inventory counting devices than you have currently.  If you do, you're in luck - we rent these units to our customers.

Rental period: 7 days from the time of receipt by the customer the time they are received back at RITE.
Cost: $350 plus shipping.  Get a 20% discount if renting of 3 or more units.

What's included:
  • Mobile handheld inventory scanner
  • Additional battery
  • Charging base
  • RITE will load your product data into hand held scanner
  • Access to documentation on how to use the scanner and how to export the data to Cloud Retailer.  If assistance is desired to export the data into Cloud Retailer by RITE staff, standard support fees apply.
Additional terms and conditions apply.  Contact our team for more information.

  • If rentals are not received back at RITE's office on the due date a $75 per day fee is charged.  The client is responsible for all shipping costs.
  • The client is responsible to verify that the units are in good working order AS SOON AS UNITS ARRIVE, PRIOR TO STARTING INVENTORY COUNTING.  Upon receipt and confirmation of being in good working order email RITE to notify us of this (  If you have problems and need after business hours assistance and no verification email was sent, this would be billable time.
  • We recommend that you insure units for $1500 each when shipping them back.  The customer is responsible for all damage to units while using and shipping them.  We will bill the client for all damages and it is the client's responsibility to make a claim with the shipping company if needed.