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I'm switching to a new internet provider, what do I do?

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If you're switching to a new internet service provider it's typically a fairly easy process but it can be a bit involved and can be a major pain and disruption to your business if you don't plan for it appropriately.  If you're switching to a new ISP, here's what you should do:

1)  If at all possible have your old service in place until the new service can be tested.

Most ISP's won't change out your internet connection outside of normal business hours.  We'd like to see you have them setup the new router and NOT swap everything over while they are their.  Instead, make sure it's tested and working properly, then, outside of business hours you or your staff can make the switch and deal with any issues while you don't have customers in your store.  If you'd like you can also coordinate the switch with one of our technical folks and we'll work with you to ensure that everything switches over ok (this utilizes our premium services).

2)  After you swap everything out, reboot all devices, this includes computers, payment terminals, printers, etc and TEST.

Once you've rebooted everything do test transactions on each POS device to a credit card.  On POS 1, do a 1 cent transaction, on POS 2, do a 2 cent, and so-on.  Once settle the credit card batches.  Log into the back office and check to see that you can see a 1, 2, 3 cent transaction (depending on the number of POS stations you have).

Test printing of reports and labels.  Some configuration changes may have to take place on your network printers, payment terminals, or other network devices depending on how your network was setup.  Even if you're NOT going to engage our team to work with you through the switch please make sure to give us a heads up when it's going to occur so our on call staff can be aware and ready if needed.

3)  Once everything is working to your satisfaction you can cancel your service with your existing provider.

Contact us at with any questions or to notify us.  We hope this is helpful!