Automatic Batching of Credit Card Payments

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Some of our customers ask for an option to automatically batch credit cards.  We understand that the need to ensure that getting your credit card payments deposited into your bank account on a timely basis is a huge deal. 

While we intentionally do not automate batching of credit card transactions we've gone to great lengths to make it foolproof. When you close a shift in Cloud Retailer the system will prompt the cashier to settle the credit card batch. One-click! And it is mandatory by default.

If it's that simple, why not do it automatically?

It goes back to the core problem - we want to make sure you get paid! If there's a problem with credit card batch you need to know about it as soon as possible. Through various tests (including full automation) we've found that flagging the cashier as part of their end-of-day process gives the retailer the most safety and awareness.

Automating it - even when we sent out email notifications of problems often let to the problem not being noticed for days or weeks. By then, in many cases, it's too late to address the problem.