Setting up time clock

STEP 1)  Make sure the time clock application is installed.

To do this go to the Admin tab on the back office and look for a link that says "Employee Time Clock", this should appear under the "System Users Link" section of the page.  If this does no exist contact Cloud Retailer support to discuss / have it added.

STEP 2)  Add the button to your POS.

On the Admin tab to go "Task Pads" and find the task pad you wish to add a time clock button to.  Select the button, name it (Button text) and choose the "Custom" type, then input the Custom command name as this (exactly)

Leave the parameter field empty.  This is as shown below.

STEP 3)  Exit out of the POS and reopen, the button should appear.  Do a test punch in and out.

STEP 4)  Go back to the Employee Time Clock link on the Admin tab, it should show your entry.   This is where you can adjust time clock entries if needed.  If you go to the reports tab you will see an Employee Time Clock report - this is for reporting on hours for payroll and another report that shows who is currently punched in across all locations.