Length cannot be less than zero

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PLEASE NOTE - You should only follow this article if the file in question is NOT producing any PO's - generally this error prevents any action from the file in question. 

Contact Your Supplier:
If this error is encountered, you likely have an EDI document that has something missing or that has been corrupted.  The resolution to this is to have your supplier resend the file so you can process again.  Be sure to let them know there is a problem with the file as well, and ask them to verify that the file is good before resending.

Supplier Resources:
Fintech - support@fintech.net

Clean up Your FTP:
Once they resend the file, you will want to remove the original file from your FTP folder so you no longer get the error messages in your email.  If you contact us, we can provide you with your FTP username and password.  

First, download the FTP client - this link will download filezilla - you will  only need to do this once.

Next, run the installer, then launch the application.

As seen below, the host should be rite.us, and the username and password will be the username and password provided by us.

Once you are logged into the client,  you will see all your files like below in the image.  Locate the file name as seen in the report, right click, and delete.

Once this is done you will no longer receive the warnings for this file in your email.