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Allowing redeemed points to be returned to customer’s balance after a return/void

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By default, redeemed loyalty points do not return to the customer’s balance after voiding or returning a transaction. To allow this functionality follow these steps:

Configure Misc. Loyalty item

  1. In the back office create a new product
  2. Set the description as “Default Loyalty Membership Item” or something similar
  3. Set the product type to “Non-Inventory”,
  4. (Optional step) Set the department to “Misc.” category to “Loyalty”
  5. Set the retail price to $0.00 and tax to “No Tax”
  6. Click “Save”

Linking the loyalty item to the loyalty integration

  1. In the back office go to Admin > Admin Catalog > Global Entity settings > Loyalty Integration
  1. In the “Loyalty reward related product” field enter in the item lookup code from the item created in the previous step
  2. Click “Save”

Note: some users may not have access to certain links in the admin catalog

Sync and restart the POS to allow changes to take effect. For each transaction where a customer redeems a reward the item created earlier will show up as a line item on the transaction. This item will act as a point placeholder to allow proper point calculations for when a product is voided or returned.