What do I do if two products share the same UPC?

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You have two options:

1)  You could create your own UPCs for one of the products (we'd recommend for the lower priced of the two) and apply labels to each of them or..

2)  Cloud Retailer has functionality to cope with this scenario.  If you set this up properly then when these products are sold at the POS the system will make an "alert" sound to get the cashier's attention and then prompt them to select an option.

Here's how you do it:

1)  Create both products, do NOT use the shared UPC in the "UPC" field of the product.  Double-click in the empty UPC field and the system will auto-generate a unique value for you.  Create both products this way.

2)  Once both products are saved go to the "Alternate codes" function and add the overlapping UPC here with a type of "Repeating".  Add this to both products.  Hit the "Accept" button, then save the product record.

3)  Test by scanning the UPC at the point of sale - you should see a prompt like this:

Works great for products like seasonable beers, wine vintages that you want to track seperataly, or clothing with different sizes/colors that do not have unique UPCs.