Setting up the PNF / Product Not Found Functionality

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A product's barcode is scanned that is not found the system can track this and send email alerts and allow for reporting.  To set it up you should do the following:

1)  Create a task pad that will appear when an unknown product scan event occurs.  Set it's name to "UNKNOWN PRODUCT".  On the task pad, you'll want to add buttons that contain relevant actions for someone to take like lookup a product or sell a miscellaneous product.  For example, if there's a new UPC for the product Bud Light 24 pack cans, then you should encourage the user to look that item up in lieu of scanning it.  Alternatively, they could add a "Misc Beer" item to the transaction and they could input the price.

2)  When you add a miscellaneous style item to this list you need to use the custom command with a command name of AddLineItemCommand and in the custom command parameter like this:
{ProductCode: '400000000015',Comment: 'PNF:[Code]:[UserInput]'}
Where 400000000015 is the product code for the product you want to add.  It should look like this:

3)  If you want to add a product search type button you'll want to set a button command of LookupProductsCommand and set a command parameter of:
"SearchText": "[Code]",
"Comment": "PNF:[Code]:[UserInput]"

These special command parameters are what set the comments needed 

The PNF text is what makes it appear in the "Unknown Scanned Products" report.  Enjoy!