Populate A Default Location

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You may be wondering how you can have the location populate without any interaction when you enter Purchase Orders and other functions in the Back Office.

You can do this by adjusting the User/ Employee properties.

  1. Log in to the Back Office.
  2. Click on Admin.
  3. Search for "User" and select "View existing users"
  4. Search for the user you would like to configure a default location.
  5. Select that user by either double clicking on the user or clicking once and then choosing "Edit Selected Employee(s)".
  6. Once the window opens look for the "Default Location" on the right side click on the drop down and choose the location you want to have populated.
  7. Click "Save".
  8. You should now be able to enter a PO and have the location populate automatically.

Note: If for some reason there is already a location set for the user, change the default location to be "All Locations" save the user wait a minute or two. Then change it back to the location you would like to use and save again. Verify it is now working as expected.

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