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Cloud Retailer contains robust functionality to allow it to integrate with other systems.  It has a framework that is built to automate the importing and exporting of data - we call this the "Integration Framework".  The Integration Framework is made up of Integration Processes, Integration Schedules, and Integration Entity Settings.  You create an Integration Process that has one or more integration steps that can prepare, fetch, or send data to another system.  You can schedule the process to run on a routine basis or users can run the processes manually.

The Integration Framework can send data to "restful" APIs (within certain bounds), FTP, or SFTP sites (flat files), or you can have flat files sent via email on a scheduled basis.  Data can be fetched using the framework from FTP or SFTP sites via flat files which can in term be imported into the system.  APIs for external applications to access data (view / GET only) can be generated for any reporting accessible in the system.  Additional integration communication options are available where a sync client may be needed (Great Plains integration for example).

Any data you can generate in a Cloud Retailer report can also be set up to pushed to another system.

Any data that you can import using the import tools in the back office can be scheduled to import into Cloud Retailer (as long as file standards for the import utilities are followed).  This includes customers, products, sales transactions, orders, quantities, purchase orders, transfers, employees, suppliers, departments, categories, etc.

For file specifications on how you can import data please log into your Cloud Retailer instance and reference the import utilities.  For file specifications on how data can be exported, again, any report you could generate in Cloud Retailer could also be set up to automatically export.  Typically files are exported in either Excel-based or CSV.

Please note that the base subscription of Cloud Retailer comes with a limited number of API interactions, additional API interactions are available at higher subscription levels.

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Mar 31, 2021, 2:22 PM