Gift Card Import

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You may import (create new cards) or update Gift Cards through a comma-separated (CSV) file.
To get started, download the sample import file from the "Tools > Import Tools > Gift card" section.

The file can contain the following columns. An * indicates the column is required.
  • Code *
         This is the gift card number.
  • Balance *
         Must be a value of 0 or greater.
  • OriginStore *
         The store name where this card created or imported.
  • DateCreated *
Once you have your file formatted correctly. You can drag-and-drop the file onto the upload window and click [Import].

All of our Import files generally follow RFC 4180. However, our import libraries include some advanced features beyond strict RFC 4180 compliance. One of these features is that we allow for comment lines in our import files - any line prefixed with a # will be considered a comment and ignored by the Import tools. This includes, for example, the Product Code field. If you notice any files where items do not import, please ensure that your first column in the CSV file doesn't start with a number sign (#).