Barcode Preferences and Functions

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When creating cards externally for use with Cloud Retailer, you will likely be asked which barcode format you will want to use.

For best system wide capabilities, code 128B is our first choice.

This format supports numbers, upper and lower-case letters and some additional characters. These are best for customer loyalty cards, gift cards, and employee login codes.

Below are some examples of barcodes that automatically perform a function at the POS when scanners are configured optimally. See this article for STX / ETX configuration on compatible scanners.

LC985478985 - A barcode with a prefix of LC and 9 numbers after (configurable) will automatically assign the customer to the transaction that matches that loyalty card scanned. This is specifically for our loyalty functionallity. LC = Loyalty Card. These barcodes are generated automatically when a customer is joined to loyalty, or by scanning a purchased, premade loyalty card with an appropriate barcode already on it.

CA951357482 - Much like above, CA stands for customer account. When a barcode with a customer account number on it is scanned, the matching customer is automatically assigned to the transaction. These barcodes are generated automatically when a customer is created, or by scanning a purchased, premade customer account card with an appropriate barcode already on it.

ELNUZFJUP5 - EL followed by a mix of 8 numbers and or letters is our standard Employee Login (EL) barcode. Employees can use these barcodes generated in the employee record to log into the POS instead of entering a username and password. It makes the login process faster and more efficient. These codes can also be pre generated on cards for employees, and the code on the card can be entered into the employee record in the back office.

Gift Cards - Gift card batches are generated through the back office and consist of random strings consisting of a mix of letters and numbers. Existing card numbers can be used as well, as long as we can import the full range of used and unused cards to create a proper batch in Cloud Retailer.

Other Barcode Types: Drivers license scans can be utilized to both create customers easily, and verify age with age verification. When a license is scanned, the customers info i put on the screen, and a button to create that customer is also present. This is also true of the barcode for transactions on receipts, and serial numbers for registration. These barcodes can be scanned anywhere at the POS and perform the desired function.

We do support other formats as well, but given the option prefer 128B for the additional allowed characters. The above examples however require code 128B as we are using numbers and letters.

128 128A 128B 3 of 9 UPC UPCA UPCE