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Creating Dedicated Web Categories for the eShop

The Uncorked Commerce eShop allows you to create special Categories which used specifically for your eShop web page.

These categories can be used in situations where you want to categorize your products online in a different way than you do in the POS database. For example, consider a liquor store that carries Craft Beer from a local brewery. The products carried by the Craft Brewery could be specially tagged and categorized under a dedicated Craft Beer Sub-category.

Creating a dedicated Category

  1. Login to your Cloud Retailer back office.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Query Filters
  3. Click create new query filter button
  4. Give the new Filter a Name - This will be the name of your Web Category (ie, Craft Beer).
  5. Optionally provide a description of the filter. This would be for internal use only.
  6. Optionally, in the Usage box, provide the name of the Parent Web Cateogry (ie, Beer).
  7. Click the QueryId drop-down, and select the EShop-Catalog  (EShop) query.
  8. Optionally, add a filter for Any Available equals true. This will limit the products displayed to those you have on-hand, less those which are committed to an existing order or hold at the store.
  9. Add a filter that will include all the Craft Beer Products (ie, Tag contains Craft Beer).
  10. Click the orange magnifier. Review the results and ensure that all products are as you expect them to be.
  11. Scroll down, select the Attribute Set dropdown and select EShop Group
  12. Populate the Description field with the Category description text you would like to display on your eShop storefront (A paragraph describing the special web category).
  13. If you'd like to list a picture under the Category listing on the eShop, you can add a URL to the PictureUrl. 
  14. Set the ordinal value for this Category. This number will determine in which order the category will be displayed on the eShop
  15. Click Save.

Update the eShop Product Catalog

Once you have completed updates to your Custom Web Category, You will need to run the eShop catalog caching process. This process ensures that your updates will be displayed on the website. Follow these steps to complete a manual run of the catalog update process
  1. Tools> Integration Processes
  2. Search for the 'EShop - Update Catalog Data' Integration process.
  3. Select the process and click 'Run Integration Process'
  4. On the subsequent page, click 'Run' 
  5. Wait for the process to complete and then re-load the eShop storefront to confirm your updates have correctly pushed over to the storefront.