Cloud Retailer Add On and Module List

Add Ons*
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  • Antivirus: Professional grade Anti-virus/malware software
  • Supplier Integration (Fintech): Liquor industry supplier
  • QuickBooks Integration: Either QuickBooks for Windows or QuickBooks online
  • PurePOS: Limits the computer to only POS software
  • Base Alert Configuration: 50 email alerts per month on store level activities or events like voids, discounts, low stock
  • 250 Alert Per Month Pack: If using more than 50 alerts per month
  • Customization (per hour):  Hours needed to create a customization
  • Additional Data Pack: Needed If a stores database exceeds 2GB
  • 50GB plus databases: Needed If a stores database exceeds 50gb
  • Microsoft PowerBI: Integration with Microsoft Business Intelligence
  • Magento e-commerce (basic): Integration with a basic e-commerce site from Magento
  • Magento e-commerce (advanced): Integration with an advanced e-commerce site from Magento
  • 1014 Reporting (PA): Report required for liquor stores in PA
  • OLCC Reporting (OR): Report required for liquor stores in OR
  • WSLCB Reporting: Report required for liquor stores in WA
  • AC Nielsen Export: Export data for an AC Neilsen report
  • Additional EDI import formats: Data Interchange importing setup and configuration

*See proposal from RITE for pricing on the  add-ons and modules or please contact RITE at 888-267-7483 or
(click on link for related video if available)
  • End Of Day Reconciliation: End of day closeout process
  • Shelf Tag Printing: How to print shelf tags& barcode labels/tags
  • Gift Card Creation And Processing: How to create and redeem gift cards
  • Employee Time Clock: How to use the employee time clock
  • Setting Up Basic Promotions: How to create general sales and related promotions like discounting
  • Rentals / Kegs: How to use the keg rental feature
  • Inventory: More in-depth inventory training that includes  purchase orders, inventory transfers, and physical inventory counts  
  • Creating and managing orders: How to setup and use work orders, layaway's, and  special orders
  • Wholesale / on account: Setup and use of the Accounts Receivable feature
  • Basic Product Importing: How to import products from supplier catalogs or  similar sources
  • Regional Permissions: How to restrict leadership at one location from accessing another store locations data.
  • Importing Of Other Data Types:  How to import non-inventory data
  • POS Installation Training: How to install and configure Cloud Retailer POS  without assistance from RITE
  • Introduction To Creating Custom Reports: How to use the built in tool for creating custom reports
  • Advanced Commands And Workflows: How to manipulate and adjust commands and software work flows in Cloud Retailer