Price Change Behavior

There are two different behaviors that Cloud Retailer has when clicking on the change price button.

  1. Ring up an item in Cloud Retailer
  2. Click on the price to open the change price dialog
  3. One of two dialog boxes will appear
If you would like the task pad that is asking for a reason, follow the below steps
  1. Log into your Cloud Retailer Back Office
  2. Click on Admin on the left side, type in Task Pads in the search box and click on Task Pads
  3. At the top of the Task Pads page, click on the check box beneath the search bar one time so it looks like the below picture
  4. Find the Price Change task pad and select it
  5. Change the Is active switch by clicking on it to turn the task pad on
  6. Sync the Cloud Retailer POS register and restart the Cloud Retailer software
If you would like cloud retailer to use the task pad with the 10-key, follow the steps above and uncheck is active in step 5.