Cloud Retailer POS Remote Connections

In today's world, it's not uncommon for people to have security on the mind.  As such we occasionally receive questions like "what IPs do I need to whitelist for your system" or "which ports do I need to open".

We have taken great pains to limit the footprint of Cloud Retailer to streamline for deployment and security purposes.  Please see the following information about Inbound / Outbound connection requirements for Point of Sale stations.

Inbound Ports

None required!

Outbound Addresses / Ports

The following chart breaks down the various service calls your POS station may make, out of the box.  Additional configuration / modules may require additional outbound connections.

 Description Web address Port
Cloud Retailer back office and 443
RITE Remote Support tools
PAX Store Configuration 9080
BroadPOS Configuration URL (retired) 9120
NAB Authorization 8075
TSYS Primary Authorization 5003
TSYS Secondary Authorization 5003
TSYS BroadPOS Configuration IP40.128.76.76 9020
Heartland Primary Authorization 443
Heartland Secondary Authorization 443
Heartland BroadPOS Configuration IP184.73.218.146 
FDMS Primary Authorization 443
NOTE: This list is subject to change at any time without notice (we update we make changes or we are made aware of 3rd party changes)

Cloud Retailer / RITE IP Addresses

As with many of the addresses listed above, we indicate to key in on a URL (human-readable address) versus an IP Address.  This is because the infrastructure we utilize has several fault-tolerance levels built into it and our IP addresses may change, depending on the current needs of the situation.  If you must lock down your outbound access and your equipment does not allow for URL-based restrictions, we have listed our current IP Addresses.  Any of these may the correct IP at any given time. 
NOTE: This list is subject to change at any time without notice (we update we make change)